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Canberra Institute Of Technology Reviews Thanks to universities and schools such as the has become known not only for being.

Canberra’s student population grows with each new academic year, and CIT is proud to be part of this growth, offering students high teaching standards and excellent student city life.

CIT does not offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees:


Students can study subjects ranging from design and multimedia to nursing and health sciences.

Whatever the subject, tutors and lecturers offer all the right support, attention, and guidance to the student. It is no surprise that CIT staff members regularly win teaching awards and CIT students regularly win academic awards.

With campuses in five beautiful locations across Canberra, the 24,000 students enrolled at CIT each year (including over 500 international students from 60 different countries) enjoy an excellent learning experience and great extracurricular experiences.

Housing options for technology international studentsTechnology keep them close to student communities on campus and a diverse city center.

Although adjusting to student life in Australia:

Although adjusting to student life in Australia can take some time, the welcoming and social atmosphere at CIT (and in wider Canberra) makes it as easy as possible.

Employment prospects for CIT:

The Graduates are strong, and successful alumni who now work for many leading firms worldwide. The institution also has some excellent research and work placement opportunities.

Overall, CIT is an ideal option for students who are serious about their academic future and their professional future.

Learn more about studying at CIT:

Teaching quality

Entry requirements:

Scholarships and Funding:

Structure of the University:


Student support:

Graduate results

Teaching quality

CIT has the best reputation for technology teaching quality in all of Canberra and a growing reputation for excellence across Australia.

prepares from which they intend to enter. From barbering certificates to therapeutic massage diplomas, there is a strong focus on transferable skills and practical abilities.

About 24,000 students from all over the world come to CIT every year to benefit from the high-quality offerings. CIT is a registered training organization that maintains the standards of all faculties and departments.

No matter what course a student is on or what level they are studying at, they are respected and inspired by the staff. Quality education is guaranteed.

The academic staff at CIT knows that students need support to do well, and that’s part of the mission technology statement. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why CIT has won so many regional ACT training awards. In 2022, staff and students won:

ACT Year’s Major Training Provider: ACT Australian School-Based Apprentice of the Year:

John Scott Memorial Award:

Entry requirements:

CIT asks for general admission requirements and course-specific requirements for international students. Students are advised to check their desired course page before applying.

This way, they will know what university requirements they need for admission. The following are the general university admission requirements for all international students:

ACT Year 10 qualification/ ACT Year 12 qualification equivalent
Previous university qualification in relevant subject areas (for Graduate Certificate)
A minimum level of understanding of the English language

Students may apply for the course before completing the relevant academic certificates/achieving certain academic results, but their places in CIT will not be confirmed until the certificate is filed as evidence and the final academic Transcripts are not shared.

Graduate Certificate:

Graduate Certificate applicants can also apply if they have a Diploma or Advanced Diploma and have at least one year of work experience in the relevant industry/with the relevant company. Also, candidates above 20 years of age c

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