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Everything that we use like mobile, computer, internet, Hands-free, laptop, or ghost thing that’s in technology. it to research what is for our purpose and not for our loss. The biggest stupidity is to use the internet in a good way internet technology

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What is mobile

What is mobile? Mobile is a technology that every person internet technology is using for their strength. Is it possible to talk or is it a technology issue?

What is Internet Technology?

Internet technology is one thing that can make a lot of work easier. We can’t do anything without the internet. It is the internet that is giving us ideas.

No work can be done in the world without the Internet. Every businessman is connected to the Internet or it is impossible to do any work in the world without the Internet.

Hands-free technology

Hands-free is a technology that we can attach hands-free to the mobile phone, we can listen to songs and watch movies.

You can talk on the call, you can make a voice on WhatsApp, you can listen to the voice internet technology  Or a technology opens up.I nternet technology.

What is computer technology?

Today we will talk about what is computer computer technology is something we can work online from home earn money from home write assignments from home work per World Press Pay or Google Pay You can work, can work on Facebook or you can search on Google, what are the logs showing, what are the logs telling. Internet technology

Artificial Intelligence


internet technology

What is the Internet internet is the thing we research anything is called internet for example we go to Google and research something for example a website is research So the Google index has to put all the technology dot com websites in front of us and we have to see which websites related to our work will work and it’s kind of the world wide internet that we have. When we search for something, it brings us the Google index and we should also use it in a proper and good way and not misuse the Internet.

The Internet gives us new updates every time and whatever is happening in the world. He is catching the internet as a year if there is an accident in any country then through. Internet technology 

The internet we can know that something happened in that country something happened in that country it is a very internet organization where everything is controlled and we also need it to research what is for our purpose and not for our loss. The biggest stupidity is to use the internet in a good way, it should be well set on it.

What is electricity?

Electricity is a part of technology. Electricity is the thing that powers us and provides us with light and we do our work. For example, if we are running the Internet, it is electricity. Internet technology ,One part is that if the internet is shut down, it is obvious that the electricity itself is shut down, so why does electricity have a huge role, there is a huge organization that is controlling this field, and there are many things involved in it, for example. 


Technology is a driving force behind societal and economic progress, improving efficiency, expanding possibilities, and addressing various challenges. It has become an integral part of our daily lives, affecting how we work, communicate, travel, and access information. As technology continues to advance, it shapes the way we live and interact with the world.

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